My Instagram Post 05 August 2017

Nothing like a bit of healthy competition between friends, Declared a #mealprepwar, all in good fun, with my lovely, supportive friend and client @devmelb on Instagram.

Feeling inspiring after seeing gourmet goddess @nicolette_panko amazing Blackened chicken and salad weekend creation, I have whipped up a nowhere-near-as-exciting, yet fast, Rocket, pear, fennel and blueberry salad. #Recipe as follows.

In a bowl mix:
-120gm rocket
– 1 bulb of fennel (shaved)
– 1 punnet of blueberries
– 1 large pear (shaved)
– ½ a heart of celery (diced)
– a small handul of walnuts and sunflower seeds (crushed)
– 40g of low or full fat feta ( depending on your dietary needs, crumbled)
– a small handful of dill (chopped)

– juice of two lemons
-1 tblsn flax seed oil
– salt & pepper

Toss salad, and serve with your choice of protein. This goes amazingly well with salmon, tuna or beef steak.