My Instagram Post 05 August 2017

Whether you’re working on the way your body looks or the way it performs, progress is everything. The only way to get closer to your goal is to make consistent progress.

While perfection is fantastic, it takes time. However by expecting nothing but perfection you can deter yourself from actually achieving anything in the first place. The only way to get to your idea of ‘perfect’ is through working at it, week in, week out. Once you realise this it’s easier not to fall into the traps that can hold us back, like procrastination, fear and doubt.

Noone is immune to this and while I have made progress in transforming my body in the past and know how to get the aesthetic changes I want, I am now training for boxing, so different rules apply. Now my training is to develop a specific skillset, not to look a certain way, and everyday I am learning. And it is not just the skills I need in the ring but also a host of other things about my body to keep it performing day after day. It is a holistic process, sleep, recovery, eating, and if I let any aspect of my life get too far out of balance I pay the price. I definitely have days where fear and doubt creep in, where it hurts to move, where I dislike my shape and composition changes or, like today, where I look nothing like this picture, rocking a busted lip. Yet I have no option but to keep making progress, because I am far from perfect.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and by taking small steps EVERYDAY, you are one step closer to your goal EVERYDAY. It won’t happen overnight, 6, 8, or even 12 weeks, but the satisfaction you get from putting in the work, making that progress, proves more rewarding than the goal itself, because you showed the fortitude, YOU DID IT!

Are you tired of trying and giving up when it gets too hard? Or life gets in the way? Not getting the results you want?

Msg me and let’s work on making REAL progress toward your health and fitness goals.