My Instagram Post 05 August 2017

KM Health & Fitness


Marissa is an absolute machine when it comes to lifting. The weights just keep going up and up, and she just gets it done! ?

However, last season some ‘lifestyle choices’ (namely work!? ?) threw a bit of a spanner in the works for Riss, or more specifically her shoulder.

Fortunately, by joining forces with Riss’s physio Lucy from @rchrgephysio, we were able to prevent Riss from having to miss any training. It also gave us an opportunity to work on her mobility and get Riss hitting new PB’s on a range of exercises that usually play second fiddle to her three big lifts.
All of this meant that when going back into the heavy lifts, Marissa was better primed and able to finish out the season benching like a boss! And here she is again, day 1 of a new season, pain free and looking strong! ?

There is always a way to work around limitations, don’t let an injury derail your progress completely. Know when to seek out help from the right professionals. And remember, a little bit of team work goes a long way.
Well done ladies, love your work! ?