My Instagram Post 05 August 2017

KM Health & Fitness


If at first you don’t succeed…. try again!

This is one strong lady right here, a testament to perseverance.

I have had the pleasure of training Jess for the last couple of years, and have been working on nutrition with her, on and off, for just over year now. However some health complaints and pesky hospital visits have made it difficult to get things working as well as we would’ve wanted sooner. Set backs aside, Jess is no quitter!
She recognizes that her health is what matters most and has kept at it, no matter how hard things got.

In her third round of nutrition coaching, we have tried to focus more on alleviating stress, both from external factors and from Jess pushing herself so goddamn hard all the time, and she has achieved some fantastic results.
Not only in terms of measurements, including the 8cm that vanished from her mid section, but her overall picture of health is on the up and up. Her skin, her hair and her physical strength gains, the overall package is looking great.
Taking a holistic approach to your life and keeping at it, especially when it’s not always easy, makes all of the difference.

Awesome work Jess, Im privileged to be able help you along on your journey!