If it’s worth having, it won’t always come easy. In fact the harder it is, the more rewarding it is. It all comes down to resilience, something this powerhouse has a lot of.

Much like KJ from Tuesday’s post, the Liv I met when she first started coming to my boxing classes is unrecognisable. As you can see from the pictures (the one with the awesome arms, second from right, and swipe right to see a year ago at boxing), this Liv is half the size and since she started strength training 10x as strong. So strong that she gets compliments from other trainers and their clients.

Her work ethic while training is enviable, she can push her self above and beyond, but this is a double edged sword. Balancing her incredible capabilities and work capacity with her life outside the gym can be difficult. Liv started the year of training behind the eightball, coming back from a NY trip and straight into a new job.

The relentless pace has made some sessions incredibly frustrating for her, as her usual seemingly limitless energy and strength has been tapped. So we’ve worked on shifting the focus of the sessions. Less about what she can lift and more about building up her reserves, strengthening her weaknesses and rescheduling her sessions to the mornings when she has more energy and focus. These simple changes have already made a massive difference. The incredibly-inappropriate girl we know and love is back!

Your training doesn’t need to be balls to the wall all of the time, it needs to compliment your lifestyle outside of the gym and vice versa, yknow, balance! What’s more important is making time for self, and really listening to your body and mind. Afterall it’s main purpose is to keep you alive.

If you find you’re struggling, dial it back a notch and look at the other variables, the lifestyle factors, that you can tweak to help you feel great again. Well done Liv for repeatedly putting in a fantastic effort and being such a supportive influence to others, despite the ups and downs.

You’re a beautiful person inside and out, and a pleasure to train. Not to mention… that back (again!)