Respect yourself enough to ask, WHY?

Working out, eating well, setting aside time for recovery and for enjoyment, sometimes isn’t as simple as it sounds, but it is all part of respecting your mind and body.

One of the tactics I find helps me meet keep these things in alignment is questioning my own actions & motives. Stopping, weighing up a decision I am about to make, instead of immediately reacting.

Should I work out today, or should I not? Am I overly stressed/rundown and will training compound this and cause me to get sick? Am I just in a negative space and maybe the endorphins are exactly what I need to shake it? Maybe I should get moving outside and get some vitamin d, fresh air &nature?

Is holding on to anger and resentment about something benefitting me in anyway or am I better off thinking about why I am feeling angry and resentful and doing something about it?
Do I really need chocolate or coffee <insert ‘vice’ of your choice here> or is it rest and recovery, a break from stress, that my body is REALLY craving?

There is no right or wrong answers, there is only the decision that comes from respecting yourself, and the one that takes you further from what it is you want to achieve.

Do you take back your own power by doing what’s right for you, or ‘chuck it in the f*ck-it bucket’ of self sabotage?