Find your strength ! ?

Ever wonder why once you hit 30 you started carrying extra weight?

Sure you may not be moving as much as you used to, maybe you’re not eating so well, maybe it’s all that stress? Did you ever consider the fact that muscle loss from around this age could also be a contributing factor. For physically inactive people muscle loss beginning around this age can lead to losses of 3-5% per decade.

Big deal you don’t want to get up on stage or powerlift? Did you also consider muscle is the biggest driver of your metabolism. More muscle =higher metabolic rate = fat loss.

More muscle also = lower risk of injury, more ‘tone’ to your body when you do lose fat, a more youthful appearance, stronger immunity and more muscle = strength and confidence gains.

So aside from the amazing ability to open jars, weakness will no longer be a limiting factor.

Over time you will be able to do whatever the f*ck you want! Climb that mountain, play on those monkey bars, carry ikea flat packs to your hearts content.

Indisputable fact: Everyday you are not working on getting stronger,  you ARE getting weaker. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can feel strong and confident, avoid dis-ease. You have the power to change things today.

Want to find your strength? I would love to help you. Get in touch today.