My Instagram Post 05 August 2017

No risk, no reward.

To get to where you want to be, you have to be willing to take risks.

No doubt about it.

I was struck with this dilemna on my recent shoot in Sydney. I was struck by an unexpected crippling fear of heights that, at the time, I felt was so irrational and embarrassing and made me physically freeze in my tracks.

I knew if I didn’t force myself to continue ahead I would regret it, and regret is something I don’t like having to contend with. So the reward of pushing through my fear, out-weighed the risk of living with regret.

Not being one to like to be limited by my fears, I then organised a rock climbing session as soon as I got back. And, not surprisingly, I felt this fear again rising as I progressed through our safety induction.

But then something happened.

I pushed on and, finally, white knuckled my way to the top and I discovered how f*cking awesome abseiling was.

If I had not pushed through my fear I would’ve missed out on that moment.

So my next climb, double the height, took half the time, as I scurried up the wall, and couldn’t wait to get back up again and again at progressively harder walls, unti my wrists damn near failed me.

The reward WAY out-weighed the risk.

While my example applies to a basic, primal fear, we all have fears that we allow to hold us back from progressing. It is only by taking that first step, and following it up, repeatedly, that we can overcome it and get to where we really want, and NEED to be.

Want to change or challenge your body or simply improve the quality of your life? Need help taking that first step? Face that fear, get in touch! Let me help you get to where you want and NEED to be… you wont regret it. *special shout out to my climb crew @devmelb and @basil_gerard for the footage and fun ✌️