My Instagram Post 05 August 2017

This post is for all females out there… Do you ever feel at the mercy of your emotions? You’re not alone in this.

Do your moods often determine how you eat, sleep, look, feel about yourself or behave toward others?
Have you ever been prescribed medications, for example the pill, to help you deal with any of these things? And, more importantly, do you realise the health repercussions of taking some of these medications, could be far worse than the reason you are taking them in the first place? (Unfortunately I learned this in the hard way!) Have you ever stopped to think that it could be how you are treating yourself in the first place?
Your mindset, what you consume, the way, and whether or not, you exercise can affect your hormones, mood and emotions significantly.

You don’t need a magic pill… or to just get on with things. You only get one body! You need to take care of, and nourish it in a way that is conducive to positive change… then the rest will follow.

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